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Quicktime problem!
Cyrus Sep-05-01 11:05 PM
I have always encountered problems with quicktime. Usually because it will never recognise the bitmaps that I have already saved using a different program. I also find that many mpegs and other files that I have saved as media player files are unable to work properly after installing quicktime e.g. the audio or the visual doesn't work any more in the r/player or m/player files. Any help in understanding why would be great!

1. RE: Quicktime problem!
lbyard Sep-06-01 00:11 AM
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Why worry about the why? Suggest getting an app that works. Other readers may have some suggestions. Larry

2. RE: Quicktime problem!
qqdawg Sep-20-01 03:22 AM
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I've used Quick Time but I just didn't like the way it worked. I like MS Media Player. You can get the latest version (7.1) at:



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