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How much RAM is too much?
Daniela Sep-01-01 05:58 AM
I have Compaq Presario PC, Windows 98 OS, 8Gb HD, 65Mb RAM and thinking about getting 128 or 256Mb RAM. Is that too much?? Would it improve something??

1. RE: How much RAM is too much?
waddy Sep-01-01 02:41 PM
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Get 256MB , i run minimum of 512MB in all my machines...

The more the better, allows more multitasking... things run faster ... the list goes on....

As RAM is so cheap , if you have the money get 512MB

2. RE: How much RAM is too much?
lbyard Sep-02-01 04:17 PM
In response to message 1
Oh, but there is a limit... Too much memory can slow a computer down. The limit depends on a lot of things, but primarily on how much and what kind of cache’ is installed. It does indeed take system resources to manage memory. I would benchmark your computer at 256 Mbytes and 512 Mbytes and see which is faster. If 512 Mbytes is faster, I’ll bet it is by very little. If you exceed 128 Mbytes on many computers with old chipsets and smaller cache’, you will slow them down considerably because they won’t use the cache’ at all. Larry

3. RE: How much RAM is too much?
markyamb Sep-02-01 07:48 PM
In response to message 2
LAST EDITED ON Sep-02-01 AT 07:49 PM (GMT)

If your gonna go for 256M double check that your motherboard can take that much in one slot.My old HP Pavillion 6405 could only take 128m per slot! So i decided it was time for new self built computer!

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