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SIS7012 pci audio "Fails to load sndsys.inf"
qqdawg Aug-29-01 04:01 PM
ECS K7S5A mother board has sis635 chip set and sis7012 PCI audio (onboard). When I load drivers that came with mb or new drivers from SIS driver downloads, I get the same message..."Fails to load sndsys.inf". I've downloaded this file from internet but still can't make it work??

Any Ideas....


1. RE: SIS7012 pci audio
lbyard Aug-29-01 05:47 PM
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“You can always tell a pioneer by the arrows in his or her back.” Sorry, I can’t find a thing on the motherboard or problem. I would E-Mail support@ecsusa.com. Please share the knowledge if they provide the answer. If they don't or don't respond, that is knowledge that potential buyers might appreciate. Larry

2. RE: SIS7012 pci audio
qqdawg Aug-29-01 09:34 PM
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Thanks again Larry for your wit and your wisdom. It hadn't occured to me to check the mother board support...Dah! They did have a updated driver that did fix the problem. Their home page is:

Ok, I guess Im a pioneer (pronounced "dumbass") when is comes to computers but then I can always come to http://duxcw.com/dcforum/index.html and get fast answers from great guys like you.

Thanks Larry......I luv you man.......


3. RE: SIS7012 pci audio
qqdawg Nov-06-01 05:28 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Nov-06-01 AT 05:47 AM (GMT)

I've received several emails asking where to find the driver to fix this problem.

This url might take you directly to the download page.....

Or, http://www.sis.com/support/index.htm

Then click "driver download". At the bottom of the page see driver download and click on "more". Then you will have to click on "I agree to.....yda, yda..".

Then you should see a window that says Step 1.......click Audio drivers.

Then click on the product you have. Mine was sis635/735. core no. sis7012.

Then click "download"........I saved it to disk......My docs/downloads....
in case I needed it again, but thats not necessay.

As I recall it should install itself.....good luck.


NOTE: If you upgrade to XP, before XP installs it will tell you that your sound card will not work. And it won't. You will need to reinstall the above mentioned driver.

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