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Reformat Terminated
qqdawg Aug-27-01 05:06 AM
LAST EDITED ON Aug-27-01 AT 05:27 AM (GMT)

I love your site Larry.....

Anyway, after downloading new "Norton AV definations, I am surfing and get a Norton warning that "this site is not safe", the only button to click it (OK). I do. BANG, things aren't
working right....I reboot....now more things aren't working......I reboot....now it won't boot,
not even in safe mode. I boot with startup disk and run scandisk, it hangs up....Yikes, I got problems.

So I give up, from start disk I run "fdisk" and "refomat c:". This is what I got.....

-found (many) bad clusters
-bad allocations units
-Stopped at 49%
-Not ready
-Format Terminated

I did reformat c: again.....same thing....only this time it stopped at 31%.

It's bad enough to lose everything on my HD but now it appears my HD is TOAST too.....


Also, Whats up with Norton....this is not the first time I've had questionable results from Norton.

Thanks.....Steve C.

1. RE: Reformat Terminated
lbyard Aug-27-01 05:31 AM
In response to message 0
The two events may not be related at all, or the failing drive may have triggered something in Norton. It looks like the drive is bad, but you asked for ideas… Run Norton from a floppy and check the boot track. C:\>fdisk /mbr to restore the manufacturer’s boot record.
This command produces no feedback, just a DOS prompt. I do not think either of these actions will help at all. Larry

2. RE: Reformat Terminated
qqdawg Aug-27-01 02:59 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks Larry.

Question: reformat stopped at 49%, "Reformat Terminated". Does this mean that 49% of the hd was reformated? Or, the entire process was aborted and no part of the hd was reformated?


3. RE: Reformat Terminated
lbyard Aug-27-01 04:59 PM
In response to message 2
It formats (or tries to) as it proceeds. I'm not sure what it does when it is done. Larry

4. RE: Reformat Terminated
qqdawg Aug-27-01 11:33 PM
In response to message 1
Bad news....
I did have the Norton Rescue Disks (set of three) so I used them and was able to do a through scan of hd and NDD found many problems and appeared to fix/move the problems. Now I was able to boot normally. However, still no mouse or sound. But first I thought I should do a complete virus scan of the system......within a minute the hd was making sharp clicking sounds and I could hear the speed varying....then the "blue screen". "can not write to hard drive". Tried again...same result.

I guess there is NEW hard drive in my future...
steve C

6. RE: Reformat Terminated
lbyard Aug-28-01 00:00 AM
In response to message 4
"hd was making sharp clicking sounds" Clinking = Seagate death chant... Others sometimes click. Larry

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