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Evidence Eliminator?????
hridler Aug-19-01 04:39 PM
I recerntly saw an ad for a software called Evidence Eliminator. It claims to clean one's PC of "hidden evidence". Like web browsing (porno sites? banking?). It makes some odd claims like the following:

"Did you know... that your computer is spying on you? Did you know for example that every click you make on Windows 98 Start Menu is logged and stored permanently on a hidden encrypted database within your own computer?

Deleting "internet cache and history", will not protect you... your PC is keeping frightening records of both your online and off-line activity. Any of the Web Pages, Pictures, Movies, Videos, Sounds, E-mail and Everything Else you or anyone else have ever viewed could easily be recovered - even many years later! How would you feel if somebody snooped this information out of your computer and made it public? Do your children or their friends use your computers? What have they downloaded and tried to delete? Act now! And stop these files coming "back from the dead" to haunt you!"

Is there anything to this? Or just marketing poop? At $150 it's not cheap.

1. RE: Evidence Eliminator?????
waddy Aug-20-01 03:37 PM
In response to message 0
well it depends on what you have been up to i guess.....

personally i wouldnt bother to pay $150 to hide evidence of porn sites etc.....

But if you are up to no good and dont want anyone to see it , then yer buy it... $150 is a lot better than 10-20 years in jail ......

if you just want to Remove dirty pictures or movies use Norton Wipe info, or a great program to completely remove any evidence is "system mechanic" it has an incinerator app , it is real good....

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