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Laptop Problem
heliman Aug-19-01 01:00 PM
I have just been given a D.E.C. laptop 486dx 250 but it has no cd rom. What is the best and easiest way of installing win 95, I am at present running win 3.11. Any help would be apreciated

1. RE: Laptop Problem
lbyard Aug-20-01 06:53 PM
In response to message 0
The easiest way would be to use a network connection to copy all of the cab files to the hard disk drive and install from the hard disk. The procedure is similar to http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/software/windows/cabs/movecabs.htm. It would require a PCMCI network adapter and a PCMCIA slot on the notebook… A Direct Cable Connection (http://www.kime.net/directcc/dccras31.htm) or a product like Laplink (http://www.laplink.com/) may work. However, I’ll bet you do not have enough hard disk space to do it. There is a floppy version of Windows 95 and that might be the best choice. Also, there may be problems with the hardware. Many notebooks use versions of Windows customized for the hardware. Larry

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