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NTFS question
waddy Jul-29-01 07:17 PM
i have a drive c: NTFS d: FAT32

i want to make an image of C: ... and was hoping to put the image onto D: so i can transfer it to another PC for burning......

when i use Powerquest server Image ... it doesnt see D: so i cant put the image there ,...

is there any way to convert the FAT32 into NTFS ,,
also without loosing my Data ?


I think ill be able to take the image if the D: is NTFS.....

the program only sees a: which is a bit small for the image

1. RE: NTFS question
waddy Jul-30-01 01:43 PM
In response to message 0
well i converted D: to NTFS using


in 2000 and didnt loose any data ....

i backed up drive D: just incase ......

only took about 5 mins to do 35GB

hopefully now i can image C:


2. RE: NTFS question
lbyard Jul-30-01 02:11 PM
In response to message 1
I was about to suggest copying the image directly to a file on the other computer. Larry

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