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Master boot virus problem
pmarko Mar-31-01 04:02 PM
I have the "Kl.c (b)" virus on my master boot sector of HDD. What does it do?
Norton AntiVirus5.0 said that it could be repaired from DOS. I did that but Norton couldn`t repair it. What should I do...FORMAT HDD or...?


3. RE: Master boot virus problem
lbyard Mar-31-01 06:22 PM
In response to message 0
I cannot find any additional info on the virus. See if McAfee


can get rid of it. If not, there other less sure means for dealing with the problem. Formatting probably won’t fix it. The virus probably got there from an infected floppy. Let us know if it worked, OK? Larry

4. RE: Master boot virus problem
pmarko Apr-03-01 10:59 PM
In response to message 3
I`ve checked some floppies for virus and one was infected. I`ve formatted infected floppy, and removed virus. Didn`t touch HDD yet...soon.

5. RE: Master boot virus problem
Moesdeal Apr-23-01 03:13 AM
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Formatting on by itself may not do the trick, if it is a boot sector virus you will probably have to fdisk along with a low level format.

6. RE: Master boot virus problem
lbyard Apr-23-01 12:57 PM
In response to message 5
Also, try another anti-virus program such as McAfee (http://download.mcafee.com/eval/evaluate2.asp). That is what I use in my shop. If you must resort to fdisk, restore the manufacturer’s boot track/record with:
C:\>fdisk /mbr
That should get rid of the virus. Fdisk will destroy your data, or make it very difficult to recover. One should not low-level format modern IDE hard disk drives except when specifically directed by a manufacturer’s representative and using procedures and software provided by the manufacturer. Attempts to do so can make the drive unusable.

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