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Please suggest a new OS
paulwsibley Mar-23-01 05:36 PM
I'm looking into setting up a dual-boot system with windows and linux. I would consider myself an advanced windows/DOS user but have no idea about setting up a linux platform. Would you please help me out in choosing a good linux platform with a GUI and where I can download it. The easier it is for me to set it up, the better. What do you think of Corel's Linux?

1. RE: Please suggest a new OS
diletante Apr-04-01 12:39 PM
In response to message 0
Paul, I can't give you a direct answer to your question, but perhaps this will help. I have installed Red Hat Linux on several machines in various dual-boot configurations, and some of my friends have also used Red Hat. A few of these people are not advanced users, but they have been successful anyway. I can't comment on other distributions, but the Red Hat one should not be a problem for you.


2. RE: Please suggest a new OS
tockert Jun-16-01 07:54 AM
In response to message 1
I have not tried the new versions of Red Hat. I have been using Linux Mandrake now since version 7.0 and they just released version 8.0 about a month ago. I like it. It uses the KDE GUI, and is very easy to install. It uses a GUI install format. You can also do a text install.
It can be a little bit of a resource hog though. KDE 2.0 likes lots of ram.
When I installed it, it detected all of my hardware. Everything worked from the get-go. Check the hardware applicability on their web site before you install it and make sure your hardware is supported. Lots of stuff is though.

Good luck.


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