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wearing bifocals?
netwhiz Jan-23-01 10:43 PM
If you have trouble seeing your monitor through bifocals (without tipping your head back), I found a fantastic solution. I read a product review in my user group newsletter & was persuaded to try this little clip-on lens that combines prism + magnification to optically lower screen -- makes everything really, really clear. Ordered from www.TiredEyes.com (who I think manufacturers them) for about 29 bucks. Clips right over any prescription for bifocals or trifocals.

7. RE: wearing bifocals?
the-edmeister May-20-01 07:27 AM
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Thanks for the 'heads-up'!! I am 51yo and wear tri-focals; stiff neck, tired shoulders, etc. and I am too cheap to drop $175 on special computer spectacles.

8. RE: wearing bifocals?
doogdoog Jul-03-01 09:51 AM
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I use reading glasses and they work fine.

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