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Best of the Dux Computer Digest Forums
January, 2001

1/30 Carnac solves another problem: cannot find winsvrc.exe.
SMC Barricade Router and Surfbaord SB3100 Cable MODEM discussions.
Windows ME MSGSRV32 general protection fault; blue screen of death.
1/29 Weird! Upside down web pages.
Requirements for browsing Network Neighborhood/My Network Places
Why does the Asus A7V motherboard take so long for ATA-100 hard disk drives to detect and boot, and ATA/100 benchmarks.
Clean booting a computer to test a hard disk drive with problems.
Killing annoying startup problem with the IE 5.5 Content Advisor.
Trouble shooting a power supply that trips circuit breaker.
Searching for winsvrc.exe error and the Navidad virus.
1/25 Win 98 SE ICS Domain Name Server (DNS) Problem: can ping, can't browse.
How to stop two hard disks on the same computer from intermingling the logical drive letters assigned to partitions.
Troubleshooting a dead motherboard.
Clobbered by the Kak virus
Rubber risers accidentally removed on Athlon Socket A Processor
1/22 NetBIOS protocols and making TCP/IP work on a local area network.
The Abit KT7-RAID motherboard versus the KT7 non-RAID motherboard.
Short Windows ME story
1/21 Troubleshooting motherboard USB hub/port fatal exception error.
Identifying and preping old hard disk drives.
1/20 Windows 9x and Networking Problem Solving Resources
1/19 MODEM speed... Wrong phoneline polarity can stifle MODEMs.
Network adapter binding and cable MODEM quick tests.
Power supply question--voltages, power good, etc.
Upgrading a power supply.
1/16 Configuring the IPX/SPX Protocol for Network Games
Network Workgroup Operating System Choice
EPoX Tech Support Update
Wally Explains How to Dual-Boot Win 2K and Me
1/13 CD Writer Problems...  CDs are not always readable on other drives.
EpoX On-Motherboard Audio and Cambridge SoundWorks Speakers.
1/12  Questions about how to organize hard disk drive partitions.
1/11 ScanJet 4100C and Windows Millenium Problem - Error 2117
Fixing Slow Access to Network drives.
1/10 How to Find the Manufacturer of a MODEM and Get the Drivers
Troubleshooting a Win 98 TCP/IP LAN Networking Problem
1/9 Win 98 Personal Web Server Question
1/5  Availability of DDR SDRAM Motherboards
Full size of hard disk drive is not recognized
1/4  Building a company/town WAN with HDSL.
microATX form factor motherboards and compatible cases.
Using mRIC (Internet Relay Chat) from a client PC on a local area network.
1/3  Upgrading and replacing ATX and AT power supplies.
AMD Athlon Socket A (Thunderbird) CPU's and motherboards.
MODEM and Ethernet card for Linux.
Installing an Epson Stylus Photo 870 USB printer.
1/1/1  ICQ and Internet Sharing: Configuring Windows ICS and Firewalls.

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