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Best of the Dux Computer Digest Forums
December, 2000

12/30  Using Napster with SyGate Internet Sharing.
Pin-out for Apple Laserwriter to PC cable, Apple Talk.
Bad Power Supply Fan.
Motherboards with the Intel 430VX chipset do not support x4 SDRAM memory.
How to Merge Windows Media (.asf, .wma, .wmv ) Files.

12/28  Shutdown Supplement for Windows 98 SE.
Windows 9x/Me Does Not Detect Serial Mouse.

12/27  Napster through a broadband router.

12/22  MODEM not recognized.
Using an ATA/100 Hard Disk with an ATA/66 motherboard.
Computers are allergic to cats.

12/16 Can I use my existing crossover cables with a hub or switch?
Windows Me locks-up at splash screen during restart.
Kakworm virus.

12/15  Installing an HP DeskJet 720C ,820C, 1000C on a Windows Network.
Help with a home network.
Sharing an Outlook 2000 calendar
Power-on problems with ATX power supplies.
Crossover cable for networking two PC's with 100 Mhz token ring network adapters.

12/14/00  Back-up methods and programs.
Why TCP/IP fails after aprox. 24hrs of inactivity.
Fix for system dialing ISP randomly.

12/13/00  Troubleshooting Floppy Drives.
Troubleshooting Spooler Problem with a Networked Epson Printer.

12/12/00 Running Network Cables Outdoors.
MODEM Not Recognized.

12/11/00  How to  install a new hard disk as the C: drive and use the old drive for additional storage.

12/7/00  Computer will not boot?  Siren-like beep code.  How to troubleshoot and where to find BIOS beep codes, etc.
IRQ conflicts.  Some tips and tricks...

12/6/00  Win 2K to Win 9x Networking Problem.

12/1/00 New version of  the 4-in-1 driver set for motherboards with VIA chipsets.

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