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Q. What is C-MOS?

A. C-MOS is an abbreviation for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. In a PC, with a 286 processor or higher, it is genarally refers to the memory used to store system configuration information, such as hard disk drive parameters. C-MOS memory draws a very small amount of current (nano-Ampers) to retain the stored data. A small lithium battery can retain the computer set-up data for a very long time (years) even though the computer is off. The battery is usually soldered on the computer motherboard.

Q. What is an IDE hard disk?

A. Everything you ever want to know about IDE hard disks.

Q. What is an FAQ. How many of them are there on the Internet? Where can I find more?

A. Hey! You asked three FAQs. Many. Maybe, more than people on the Internet. Have fun.

Q. What are Anti-FAQs?

A. Not our invention. Answer.

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